Conference Tracks

Track 1: Expert Applications and Artificial Intelligence Expert Systems and Applications based on loT, BigData, and Cloud Computing Emerging Technologies, Robotics, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Agents and Multi-Agent Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality, Natural language processing, Distributed Intelligent System, Machine Learning, Intelligent Surveillance, Computational Intelligence.
Track 2: Information and Application Security Security Issues and Threats in Expert Applications, Intelligence & Analytics in Security, Human Behavior and Factors in Security Applications, Data Leakage, Cloud Security, Endpoint Security, Cyber Threats Trends.
Track 3: Advanced Computing At & Machine Learning, Data Mining & Warehousing, Web Mining, Computational Intelligence, Big Data Analysis, IoT Architectures & Protocol, IoT's Impact on 5G, Cloud & Fog ComputingGrid & Cluster Computing, Embedded & Green Computing, Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing, High Performance Computing, Image & Pattern Recognition, Natural language Processing, Human Computer Interaction, Speech & Signal Processing, Bio-Informatics, Virtual & e-Learning.
Track 4: Multimedia Applications in Forensics, Security & Intelligence Forgery detection and identification, Detection of stenography, Device characterization and identification, Media forensic applications and attack analysis, Video analytics, Multimodal analysis of surveillance data, Multimodal analysis of biometric traces, Authenticity of multimedia data, Digital/encrypted domain watermarking for multimedia, Signal processing in the encrypted domain, Digital rights management, Robust hashing and content fingerprinting, Cryptography for content protection, Image, video, and text linking, Visual analytics, Scalable multimedia search,
Track 5: Advances in Web Technologies Implementation & Security Issues